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I love to put things together and take things apart, be it physical or software, to see what it contains and how it all works together.

When I’m not programming, at work or at home, I’ll be either be creating a new Lego creation or cooking a new dish idea… with varying levels of success.


Hobbies / Interests
Programming, Lego, Cooking

Favourite Films
Back To The Future, Apollo 13, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Best line from a film
Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Favourite websites

Anything Ska… and just about anything else… except Drake

Would like to own
– A classic VW Camper
– Various huge Lego sets
– Coventry City FC (I can almost afford them)

Couldn’t live without

Daily Read

What makes you happy
The summer sunshine, Tinkering with code, tinkering with lego

Hero / need to meet
Bill Atkinson

Things you always carry with you

Favourite Quote/Saying
The reason that we landed on the moon was because we were too young and fool hardy to know that what they were doing was impossible.