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App Consultancy

If you want the right answers ask the right people

This is unique service that we offer based on our 24 years of experience providing digital solutions for some of the worlds biggest companies.

Some of the many questions I’m sure you have asked yourself


What does it cost


What technology should I be using?

Getting it Right

How do I insure that I get what I’m looking for and delivers all of my requirements?


How do I get a like for like price from various development companies?

App Store Approval

Will my app pass, Google and apples ever increasingly strict guidelines?

Running Costs

What’s the ongoing costs of running an app?

Future Proofing

Will it be future proof?

The Idea

Is it even a good idea?

Copyright and Patents

How do I protect my idea?

App Development services

Get the right Answers

If you’re considering the technology based project, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself a number of these questions, the problem your face is you were probably asking them of the person who is about to sell you a contract to build you the software.

That’s the equivalent of going into a BMW garage and asking the salesman, what he thinks of the latest Jaguars. That person you’re sat in front of prime objective is to make sure his own business is protected.

We offer a completely unique service which will not only answer these questions and considerably more, but will also help you formulate a scope for the project and an interactive prototype.

This already answers the biggest problem in software development, the ability to get a like for like quotation from several companies. If you are presenting for app developers with exactly the same brief and exactly the same prototype than you can understand more easily what each company is offering you for what cost.

App consultancy, get the right answers

Which is why we’ve decided to offer this as a completely standalone App consultancy service with no obligation to use our development team to build your or technology solution, obviously we would like to be considered, but the most important thing is as you are paying for the service you will get completely impartial advice based on how fast experience of over 700 apps and in excess of 3000 websites, ranging from major blue-chip companies to self, funded start-ups.

What’s more the App consultancy service service is completely free. If you choose to use our development service, but if you don’t, we will help you with everything you need to engage with your chosen developers.

We offer various levels of service ranging from only £595 plus vat

Simply fill out the form below or book a video call for your initial free consultation, and we will explain exactly how all this works and the advantages of seeking advice before you commence with your app development

We have been proud to work with start ups to global brands

We have a wealth of experience in online digital marketing and have the capability to offer entry-level viral, social marketing campaigns, right up to blue-chip PR campaigns to get your app in front of the people, websites and bloggers that matter.

App Development services
App Development services
App Development services
App Development services

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