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App Development services

App Development
The simplicity of a well developed app is often deceiving, in order to achieve that simplicity and ease of use. These are the four main stages, that go into every app development we undertake:


Effective app development involves thorough planning to ensure a successful outcome. It is crucial to carefully plan your app development project, which includes conducting investigations into potential challenges, exploring alternative solutions to high-budget developments, and, most importantly, managing everyone’s expectations regarding achievable goals.


Naturally, we’ll ensure that everything gets documented; however, there’s nothing quite like experiencing firsthand how your app will appear and engage with its users. Our process entails crafting a complete prototype for you to have on your phone and interact with. This allows us to refine the user-friendliness and ensure that the system is as intuitive as it can possibly be.

Code Development

Ensuring the code is both robust and written skillfully is undoubtedly crucial. However, it is important to note that this aspect is intertwined with our strategic planning. In the realm of app development, there exist various approaches to handling code. As part of our processes, we prioritize aligning the chosen method with your budget and the desired end result of the application. Rest assured, we strive to find a fitting solution tailored to your needs.


It’s extremely important to make sure that the code is strong and well-written. But remember, this is closely connected to our strategic planning. In the world of app development, there are different ways to handle code. We always prioritize finding the right approach that fits your budget and achieves the desired outcome for your application. Don’t worry, we’re committed to finding the perfect solution for you.

Why choose Createanet for your App Development 

Kevin came to see us and did a stunning presentation. I was totally blown away and decided Createanet was definitely the right company for the job. I’ve received unbelievable service from Createanet. Kevin is very commercial and also very creative with lots of ideas. It’s a great combination.
Shaf Rasul
Online dragons Den Entrepreneur

Why Createanet

We have accumulated more than 23 years of expertise in the digital realm, and were quick to launch our very first Apple iPhone app shortly after the introduction of the App Store in 2008. This makes us one of the most seasoned development firms in the United Kingdom. With a portfolio boasting over 600 App developments, we proudly provide a wide array of App Development Services, including but not limited to:
– GPS integration
– AI/Machine learning implementation
– Image recognition capabilities
– Health and safety systems
– Facial recognition technology
– Data protection, security, and encryption measures
– Membership systems
– E-commerce solutions.

Recent App Development Projects

App Development services
App Development services

British Airways Crew App Development

This app allows BA Flight Crews to login and find exclusive offers and help available to them. This provides equipment and facilities for crew recreation whilst they are away on duty.

Most Flight and Cabin Crew are members, which means there’ll normally be someone on your trip to share the activity.

App Development services

Dog Training

Featuring hundreds of instructional videos on topics ranging from training to health, we equip you with all the information you need to get the most our of your gundog breed.

All training techniques are proven and have been broken down into simple step by step videos to make the principles easy to apply to your dog.

For more information on this app you can visit the app store listing below

App Development services
App Development services
App Development services
App Development services

AtoB Travel App

The app is allowed AtoB travel supply staff transport to some of the UKs biggest companies, including Amazon, pets at home and John Lewis. The app started as a relatively simple information service. Working closely with our client the system has now developed into a Full logistical system, which now provides ability for forward, planning, online ticket, sales, driver, scheduling, financial reconciliations, name just a few of the money features the system now provides.

Createanet developed the native apps which is the main customer and driver interaction and a full blown administration area which allows our client to manage the whole operation from an intuitive web based interface

DGS Time Management App.

DGS is a bespoke built time management app. This private business use app is designed to monitor timesheets and worksheets of its employees.
Staff users are created via a web based content management system, where they can be managed alongside the data from users timesheets and worksheets.

App Development services

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