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Click And Collect App

Provide your customers with another way to shop with you 







Click And Collect App

Timed orders to suit you and your customers








Click And Collect App

Send your customers special offers at the touch of a button








Click And Collect App

Fixed Costs, No commission


Click And Collect
Contactless ordering for your customers

Help social distancing by providing your customers with the ability to click and collect, 

Our system offers a completely contactless way of customers, to sell convenient pickup time and collect directly from your store

Why Click and Collect

Even before social distancing was a thing, many of the large stores discovered that providing the ability for your customers to  click and collect not only increased sales but made for a more efficient operation and provide your customers with additional accessibility to your products

Our system offers the ability for your customer’s audio products directly from their phone and provides you with a unique content management system that allows you to manage your orders and products that are for sale 

How it works

All your customers have to do is simply browse your range of products, build up their shopping basket, select convenient pickup time and checkout using a secure payment gateway.

This is all done on the familiar interface of your customer’s phone with a simple easy download app and of course the added advantage that the customer always has your app on their phone,


Click and Collect

The ability for your customers to order your products from anywhere at the click of a button

Browse Products

An intuitive interface allowing your customers to browse your products and build their order

Secure and instant payment

Via a payment method of your choice

Instant notification/printing

Depending on your preferred method the system all automatically print your order ready for preparation.

Product Management

From a simple interface control all of your products, with complete control over pricing

Order history

From a secure web administration browse all of your order history

Telephone Order Mode

Order Picking Mode and all your staff need is a phone to take customers orders, ideal if you also take telephone orders

Promotions/push notifications

Simply send out promotions at the click of a button and every one of your customers will receive an instant push notification.

Timed Collections

Customers are able to select a convenient pickup time

How Does it Help Your Business

Apart from providing the service levels that your customers have come to expect, it reduces staff costs, avoids bottlenecks at the tills and of course due to the current crisis helps you comply with social distancing.

You are in Control

The system comes complete with an intuitive web-based system that provides you complete control of your product, pricing, opening times, tables, pickup options and the ability to send direct marketing messages at the click of a button with no additional cost and no delay and most importantly no spam filters which would prevent your message ever getting delivered.

Every business needs a little push

Again something most of the big businesses have already discovered is the push notification is probably one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today. With our system, your customer not only gets the convenience of ordering at the table but they get to go home with your app on their phone, that means using our intuitive message platform you have the ability to send direct messages instantly and at no cost.
So next time you have that two-for-one offer or anything else you would like to promote, all of your customer’s phones will burst into life at the push of a button

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