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Helping people notice their destination!

Could help reduce missed stop taxi cost!

Ever been busy talking, face in your laptop or phone, been a little distracted, been drinking or fallen asleep and missed your stop or needed to rush to get off in a panic? If YES, then Trainzzz is for you. Just avoiding ONE unwanted taxi fare makes it worthwhile.

We think taking the guess work out of finding your destination could be a real help, with travelling to unknown destinations or people using Trainzzz to grab 40 winks and reach work or a meeting refreshed – let us know how you use the app via @trainzzzapp

Stay tuned as many more updates to follow in the future!

Key features

  • Select your destination station, or stations on your route as required
  • Select the distance from the station you wish to be notified (1,3,5,+ miles etc.)
  • Decide which tone you wish to use
  • Decide if you want to SMS someone in your phone to advise them that you are nearby – or “put the kettle on”
  • Leave the app open in the background and await your GPS driven alarm