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Making your messaging much more fun!

This app takes original emoji style images that you create fun messages to text, email and post on various social media sites. Approximately 7,500 predictive emoji style images are incorporate into the app, which predictively change the specific words to pictures. This app is also very useful when travelling abroad as images are essentially an international language – for example; if you are in a restaurant in France, you could create a Picci Bank message so the waiter understands what you would like to order.

The design and structure of this app was made very simplistic, with only one main interface being where you create your message. We incorporate a save function so that the user can save any messages that they would like to re-use. We also added a FAQ screen. This is so the user can have any questions quickly answered and help them to use the app for the first time. We enjoyed developing Picci bank and love the idea – in fact, we are all constantly using it to send messages around the office!

Key features

  • Create your own images
  • Perfect for translation
  • Store your favourite messages
  • Swap words for Emojis