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Heavens Whisper

App Description

Heavens whisper is an app to keep hold of your most cherished memories with your loved ones. Create personal messages for only your desired loved ones to read, you can create messages that include pictures/ videos of your most memorable days.

This app contains an auto-renewable subscription (Heavens Whisper Premium Subscription) which provides full access to the app and unlimited access to your and your received memories. The subscription is £1.99 a month and will renew automatically until cancelled.

These memories will be kept secure and locked away until your passing. Once your loved ones verify this on our app your messages will be sent out to your individually selected people.

Memories can be of memorable days out, birthdays, and weddings. They can also be used for sending login details of email accounts, bank/insurance information, the possibilities are endless. The fear of our grandchildren forgetting us is always in our mind, so why not set them up an account and show them your adventures together.

With Heavens whisper app your loved ones will receive personal private messages that won’t be shared to anyone else.