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At Createanet we're passionate about mobile devices and how they can interact with and improve business. Follow this blog for hints, tips and a different perspective on using mobile devices in business.

Every Business Needs a little “push”

One of the things I enjoy most about running createanet is that I get to meet a lot of really successful business people and come up with creative ways that technology can help with that continued success.

Are Samsung leaving Apple in normal reality?

This is subject up for debate and people will stick by their brand but at MWC Samsung may have moved a step ahead.

Yes they released the long awaited Galaxy s7 and s7 edge but they were just two of a collection of products they showed off.

Square or Round satellite Dish, which did you choose ?

For those of us old enough to remember and some of us in the team certainly are, 🙂 the early days of satellite TV saw the battle between the round dish and the square dish with Sky facing off to BSB and none of us really knowing which equipment we should invest in.

Every Business Needs an App or does it ?

As we enter our 18th year of trading and our 7th year of specialising in mobile app development (ios and android) its interesting to reflect how the industry has changed, especially with the advance of mobile devices.

The one to WATCH, or should I say Apple Watch?

You would have thought it was Christmas Eve in the office the day of the impending Keynote from Apple, there was genuine excitement, we are a strange bunch :-). After months of speculation Tim Cook took to the stage and looking at the audience it was clear to see we weren’t the only ones anticipating what they had to say.