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After leaving college I had a gruelling interview process and found myself at Createanet (I joke, check the surname!) – and many many years on I’m still here for my sins. During my time here I’ve had many different job roles and currently the Studio Manager.

Hobbies / Interests
Boxing, Football and Darts are my big passions. Any sport I’ll watch, although Cricket is a struggle. Can also count holidays as a hobby as I do have quite a few.

Favourite films
Wolf Of Wall Street, Hot Fuzz, Toy Story’s, Life On The Road, Collateral Beauty to name a few.

Best line from a film
“I call these fun coupons” – Wolf Of Wall Street

“Want to play a game?” – SAW

“What’s the matter, Danny? Never taken a shortcut before?  – Hot Fuzz

Favourite websites  – How I get through my day!

Drake – GOAT.

Favourite Gadget
OnePlus 7 Pro – full screen, slidey front camera, fancy.

Favourite Place(s)
Vegas or New York or Orlando Or Plainmoor.

Favourite TV Show(s)
Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black, Black Mirror, Gavin & Stacey, Peaky Blinders

Hero / Heroine
Anthony Joshua – even after I flew to New York to watch him lose!

Would like to meet
See above.

Would like to own
Tesla Model X. Well, any Tesla I’d take with open arms.

Favourite Brand

Like to collect
Shot glasses and Monopoly stickers from McDonald’s…

Daily Read/Source
Twitter – all Boxing related.

What makes you happy
Dogs, best creations in the world – specifically my two boys. A Torquay United Win. Holidays, lots of holidays.