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Computers have always been a passion of mine, and being in my family, there is no getting away from them! I have watched the business grow over the years and have gained a large understanding of how the business works. I look forward to helping the business continue to grow with a few of my own ideas in the years to come.

Hobbies / Interests
Football…followed by some more football! Big Torquay United fan (feel free to feel sorry for me). Also spend a lot of time washing my car, adding parts to it, and washing it yet again…If you ever take a trip down, I’m the one with the Purple Beemer – can’t miss it!

Favourite films
Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Goal movies, Bad Boys II, Starsky & Hutch, Fast & Furious Movies, Creed, Wolf Of Wall Street

Best line from a film
“You ain’t seen Bad Boys II?” – Hot Fuzz

“At least as a rich man when I have to face my problems I show up at the back of a limo wearing a $2,000 suit and a $40,000 gold watch.” – Wolf Of Wall Street

Favourite websites


Football and Boxing my biggest passions. Also love the darts…YES IT’S A SPORT!

Favourite Gadget
Macbook Pro

Favourite Place
Orlando, Florida…With Plainmoor coming a close second – the home of football.

Favourite TV Show
Gavin & Stacey, A league of their own (Big James Corden fan!), The Hustle, Breaking Bad, Prison Break

Hero / Heroine
David Beckham – You don’t get any closer to perfection. Anthony Joshua is up there too.

Would like to meet
See above.

Would like to own
Either a Range Rover Sport or BMW M4, wrapped in gold chrome of course.

Favourite Brand

Like to collect
Monopoly stickers from McDonald’s

Daily Read/Source
Facebook feed?

What makes you happy
Family, friends, my two dogs; Buddy (Labrador) & Vinny (Pug), my baby (car), rare Torquay United win & top banter