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I love technology and have always kept up to date with the latest and greatest. Im forever finding myself checking in on a keynote or product release to find out whats new and how they have pushed their design.  Talking of which, as a child I always made sure I had Photoshop installed on my computer ever since i was young. What started off as using basics, editing a few images, creating wallpapers etc has lead me to be the main designer here at Createanet. The passion for design spreads past the boundaries of a still image, it bleeds into my desire to create intuitive, user friendly beautiful app UX/UI. I find great pleasure in finding finding an app and being impressed by beautiful design and an easy experience. This then leads me to the other part of my job here, taking our clients ideas, sitting down to work out the best yet simple use of UI to provide them with a prototype they love.

In my early years around the age of 11 grew up next door to Kevin, Fi and Kyle, and they have been like a second family ever since. Unfortunately that meant Kyle was like a younger brother! But we’re still friends till this day and now I work for them too.

Hobbies / Interests
Anything to do with sport ill get involved, usually at the same time getting overly competitive. I have always had an interest in art and design, so much so i have gathered a large amount of body art over the years.

Favourite films
I’m a sucker for any Marvel film. Otherwise a few classics include,

Best line from a film
In fast and furious 6 when ludicrous tries to make an off script joke about Dwayne Johnson –  L: Better hide that baby oil D:better hide that big ass forehead!

Favourite websites
• The Verge
• skysports
• instagram

I’d happily listen to anything but my go to would be Drake.

Football is my favourite sport which i play on weekends for a village team. I have no shame in admitting i’m a United fan and will take any of the standard jokes.

Favourite Gadgets
Recently just bought a smartwatch which i’m springily using more than i would of thought. Im a sucker for smart tech and would have a google assistant in every room.

Favourite Place
Ive been to Ibiza twice, once for my 18th and also when i was 21 and id go every year if i could. Amsterdam is a favourite too.

Favourite TV Show
Top Gear before they ruined it, Family guy, American dad to name a few

Inspired By
Innovation, design and progress.

Hero / Heroine
Cristiano Ronaldo has to be up there.

Would like to meet
Cristiano Ronaldo, Drake or Kevin Hart

Would like to own
Lamborghini Aventador

Favourite Brand
Google. No doubt in that.

Like to collect
Trainers… its a guilty pleasure i have nearly 30 as of now

Daily Read/Source
Skysports, The Verge and my timelines mainly

Favourite Quote/Saying
“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives” even had it tattoo’d on me

What makes you happy
Good times with good people and cracking banter

Couldn’t live without
My dog Charlie, my beautiful border collie, Spotify and of course WiFi like the typical millennial.