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Have the joy and serious duty of looking after the money on behalf of Createanet and keeping the wheels of industry turning in a financial sense, a truly filthy job, but someone has to do it.

Always worked in some kind of accounts capacity, starting out with John Wain & Co Accountants (many moons ago). Hobbies – Chauffeuring my son and his friends around, seems to be my main free time activity, although I enjoy TV/Films, walking the dogs, eating out, catching up with friends and aerobics when you can find a decent instructor.

Favourite films
Jerry Maguire, Along Came Polly, About a Boy, Cocktail, (in no particular order) in fact most Rom Com’s…….

Best line from a film
Shut Up – You had me at Hello (Jerry Maguire)

Favourite websites
I want one of those and Play

Favourite place
Disneyland Orlando

Inspired by
Song writers – the world would be a dull place without music.

Hero / Heroine
Hugh Grant in About a Boy for saving Marcus the humiliating embarrassment of looking a complete idiot in front of all of his school friends and Bob Geldof for caring enough about poverty to make a difference and actually doing something about it.

Would like to meet
Brad Pitt / David Beckham / Tom Cruise / Johnny Depp

Would like to own
A Hummer

Favourite Photo
Corbiere Lighthouse in the moonlight.

Favourite Brand
Heinz….no-one else makes beans like them!

Like to collect
Pocket Dragons and Crystals

Daily Read/Source
Herald Express

Favourite Quote/Saying
Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Three things you always carry with you
Mobile / Purse / Handbag

What makes you happy/sad
People you care about leaving for whatever reason makes me sad and children smiling and laughing makes me happy

What you listening to on you ipod right now
Anything that has a good beat and nice words and any R & B music.

Tell us something we don’t know about yourself
I wanted to be George Michael’s backing singer! and I am mad about football – years of going to childhood matches with my dad.