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i-Drills rugby, tops the charts in the first weekend on sale

Following hot on the heels of i-Drills Soccer,  which has consistently featured high in the download charts for sports apps. We were thrilled to work with  with Dave Carolan on i-Drills Rugby which included rebuilding the internal infrastructure of the application and instigating a number of improvements which will greatly improve the user experience and increase the scalability of the project.

i-Drills rugby features many of the new tools that  are intended to  be rolled out across the whole of the i-drills platform such as the ability to order your drills with drag-and-drop, and an intuitive tool panel that features the last three tools you used for easy access.

It also features some great sharing functionality which allows users to share their drills on social networks and with other users via a web viewer.

i-Drills Rugby has already topped the charts in a number of countries and has had some amazing feedback from top-level rugby players and coaches.

There are exciting times ahead for I-Drills and we look forward  to working with them on all their future plans.

Key features

  • Email Drills to your teammates
  • Facebook & Twitter sharing
  • Finger Touch Drawing Tool
  • Native App Development
  • Send Drills to your teammates