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Justin Timberlake gets Spruced Up! with a Createanet App

It is true what they say, “it’s good to talk”. We were thrilled to hear that one of our clients apps was featured on the breakfast show of Kiss FM.  DJ’s Rickie Melvin and Charlie were discussing how they used Spruced Up! to edit a photo they had taken with Justin Timberlake. The feature lasted a good 3 to 4 minutes where the two DJs entered into banter about how they had used the Spruced Up! service and how cool the app was. The app was described as amazing and they were so impressed with the quality – they even had people calling in to ask if they had made it up…but it was all genuine. The net result of this was Spruced up! had a day of record-breaking downloads sending them flying up the download charts. It just goes to show that with a little well-placed PR and the right people talking about a product can have a massive impact on its popularity.   We wish Spruced Up! continued success with the app and look forward to working with them on future developments. Listen to the full podcast here: This is the before and after photos KissFM posted on their Facebook using Spruced Up! – I’m sure you can see why they were so amazed! ... read more

Speak and Learn Business English App nominated for award!

Another Createanet app gets put in the spotlight! The Speak and Learn Business English App has been shortlisted by the British Council for the ELTons 2014 in the category of Digital Innovation. The ELTons, sponsored by Cambridge English, are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching. For further information about this app go to the link below: The winner of the awards will be announced in May. All of us at Createanet would like to wish them the best of luck and we will keep all our fingers... read more

Football Form featured on the App Store!

The Football Form iPhone app gets featured on Apple’s App Store under ‘Best New Sports apps!’  Another app from Createanet has been highlighted as a ‘must-download’ app for iPhone users. Football Form has been featured as one of the Best New Sports Apps and with downloads rising every day, this is only the beginning. Football Form is an easy to use and advanced tool to help you keep track of the latest standings, scores, statistics, players, teams and news of the English Football leagues. It has been a pleasure for Createanet to work with the owner of Itesh Patel (Owner of Football Form).  We are all very pleased for him and look forward to working with him more in the... read more

i-Drills PE & MultiSport coming to an App Store near you!

i-Drills are back at it! Following the huge achievement of the FA (Football Association) adopting i-Drills Soccer as their Official Coach’s App, another i-Drills app will be hitting the App Store very soon. i-Drills PE & MultiSport will be an iPad app primarily aimed at PE teachers and MultiSport coaches. The app gives the ability to create drills for 20 different sports. Some of these sports include: soccer, american football, hockey, basketball, dodgeball and baseball. Each sport will also include specific equipment for that sport (e.g; baseball will include a baseball bat, glove and a baseball) along with standard equipment for drills. A PE teacher might be teaching over five different sports a day to their students; with i-Drills PE & MS, the teacher will be able to create different drills for different sports for each of their lessons – all in one place! This is being developed in the style of the new iOS 7 operating system for Apple (as well as all other i-Drills apps being updates to this new style!) The front screen of PE & MS will be a sport selection scrolling view. When the chosen sport is selected, you will be taken to a whole personal section for that sport – each sport is essentially an app in its own right! Like on the other ever-popular i-Drills apps, there will be a transfer market to download free and in-app purchased predetermined drills/templates to use as your own. i-Drills PE & MultiSport is currently undergoing development and will be with you on the App Store very shortly. We wish Dave Carolan (managing director of i-Drills... read more

Great British Entrepreneur Award 2013

We are pleased to announce Kevin King (company founder/owner) has been shortlisted for a Great British Entrepreneur Award 2013 in the category of DIGITAL INNOVATION ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, taking place on the 19 November at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London, are set to become the recognised standard of excellence amongst entrepreneurs. Kevin said “ it was a bit of a surprise, but i’m secretly very pleased, i’ve always thought the title “Entrepreneur” is not something you call yourself, but something others say about you and to hear it from such a well respected team of judges is very humbling” Createanet recently celebrated its 15th birthday and is a typical dot com story. Starting in 1998 (in Kevin’s spare room), the company now occupies harbourside offices covering 2000 sq feet. During the 15 years, the company has had the pleasure of working with some of the best local companies, as well as major, high profile companies like Icon Movies, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Films and more recently the FA; delivering the the FA Coach’s App. Three years ago, Createanet set up a mobile app division, which has gone from to strength to strength and has now produced over 60 apps (many of which have been featured on Apple’s App Store). Their reputation for quality iPhone and Android apps have spread to the major cities across the country, and as a result you will find Kevin on the Paddington train at least once a week visiting clients in London… iPhone and iPad in hand of... read more

i-Drills adopted as the official FA Coach’s App

Back of the Net for a Createanet client (and the net doesn’t get much bigger!)  We are delighted to be able to share the latest episode in the success story of i-Drills Soccer, the class-leading soccer coaching app. As if topping the sports download charts in a number of countries, and being praised by many top football coaches wasn’t enough, i-Drills Soccer is now to be adopted as the official FA Coach’s App and will now become the recommended app for FA football coaches in England and across the world. Dave Carolan managing director of i-Drills Apps has had a great vision for the app since the first day we met him and we’re delighted his hard work has received such an accolade, to support the work of the world’s most recognisable National Governing Body in sport in enhancing and developing coaching of the world’s most popular game. The FA Coach’s App will be launched on the new i-Drills Engine with a host of new features which we’re sure coaches will find useful. The team at Createanet have worked extremely hard to deliver the app to the standard set down.   Click Here to see official announcement      Dave commented “The support that I have received from Kevin and the team at Createanet over the last 2 1/2 years has been outstanding and they have continually surpassed my expectations in delivering a quality product. The relationship is relaxed yet the development has always been spot on. In bringing my vision for the app, developed some 3-4 years ago, to life at its fullest in the new FA Coach’s App, I look forward to working... read more

i-Drills Rugby, The New Addition to the i-Drills Family

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the i-drills family, after a complete rebuild of the core idrills engine which in its first edition has seen idrills soccer top the download sport charts on app store in a number . The latest addition is i-drills Rugby which we’re sure will be as well received in the world of rugby. New features include a completely reworked interface, full retina quality (it looks gorgeous) , a really cool interface where you can drag and drop your slides to change their order, you can even schedule your drill and add it directly to your calendar. We don’t believe there is any other drill app on the market to rival this one and we wish Dave Carolan and idrills ltd all the best with i-drills Rugby. Watch this space for some very exciting news from the i-drills... read more

Latest App Tracks Hacks !

In our world a day thats starts with a phone call about a “hack” is very seldom going to be a good day. When we got a call from a long term client that they wanted an Mobile Phone App that tracked “hacks” my mind raced a bit to say the least, in the world of computers and programing the mere mention of the word “hack” can spoil your day. But after a trip to Cornwall to visit Woof Wear, a company who have been producing equestrian protection equipment ever since 1981, I discovered that a “hack” also means a horse ride. Woof Wear wanted to offer its customers 2 apps that allows the user to create profiles of their horses and then “track their hacks” which uses the GPS services to plot where you have ridden and save your rides on your phone for future use. These rides can then be shared with your friends via an inbuilt buddy system within the app and also via social networks ( twitter and Facebook) text and email. Inline with their brand Woof Wear wanted to offer an app that in the light of a few high profile horse ride accidents offers “Protection By Design”. The other app in this release offers all of the features of the main app, but also allows the rider to live track their “hack” with other users.                 This allows friends and family to view in real time where there friends are riding and of course if they are stationary for a long period it might mean the... read more

Createanet App To Make Guest Appearance at the O2

Well almost, I’d like to say we’re getting equal billing at the o2 this weekend with Robbie Williams, but thats not exactly true. But we were thrilled to hear from one of our iPhone App clients this week that the Ashburton’s Cookery School App, “The Perfect Christmas Dinner” has been selected by O2 to feature in there In-store Magazine. When you consider the wealth of choice they had from cookery based apps and the profiles of some of the chefs behind those Apps its quite an achievement. This is a great example of two companies doing what they do best, createanet delivered a great looking app that works and is easy to use and Ashburton’s Cookery School provided great recipes, stunning photography and engaging video content, all topped of with a sprig of holly. If you haven’t got it already for a limited time it free on the App store, check it out, the Poached pears recipes in mulled wine is a bit special Congratulations to Ashburton’s Cookery School, we look forward to working with them on a lot more projects in the future.  ... read more