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For those of us who went to see Arnie in 1984, threatening to “Be Back” in the Terminator, it seemed inevitable. Having worked closely with the internet for the last 16 years and with mobile apps for the last 4; I have watched operating systems and software get better and better and so there’s often been times when I have thought, you know, it could happen.

I got to thinking about this again on a return trip from London yesterday, firstly how much things have changed. It must be 14 years since I started going into our capital city (on business), back then it used to be a case of lugging around a 17inch laptop that would run 2 hours max on the battery and no chance of checking your emails for the day as WiFi networks and mobile data were still rare breeds.

Now I grab my iPad mini as i leave the house, and I’ve got all I need. I can access our back office system, view every email i have had for the last 16 years, send emails, access all my files via the cloud and best of all it has a 10 hour battery life!


So things have definitely got better on that front…

I also had the pleasure of meeting with a business this week that had a 3D printer – wow those things are impressive! They were creating all their designs in CAD then sending it to print and a few hours later they were able to handle a prototype of their project.

This, and seeing some of the recent work the programmers at the office do on a daily basis, its easy to to let your mind got back to 1984 and James Cameron’s view of mankind’s future.

But I also had reminder today that no matter how good software gets, how powerful processors get, they will never replace people.

It’s been one of those fortnights where I have been out the office a lot, and getting back in the office today I had our normal morning round up with Paul and Kyle. It soon came clear that everything was under control. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a control freak and I cant help worrying if I’m away for any length of time – but there really was no need.

I’m really lucky I have a good team, who the majority have been with me a long time (Paul my Studio Manager celebrates his 10th year with us in september), so they instinctively know how the business works, what’s expected, and how we maintain our service levels.

You often hear if you want to be successful in business you have to surround yourself with good people – It’s so true. I get the privilege of working with a lot of businesses of all shapes and sizes and I see the same pattern every time. The successful ones have good people in them, you can see it in their eyes; passion, enthusiasm, creativity, loyalty, credibility – all things no matter how good a programer is, a computer will never be able to give you.

Technology is without doubt going to continue to shape the business world but it will only ever be a tool of the business and not the heart of it…that job is reserved for us mere mortals!

By the way, shouldn’t I have a Hoverboard by now 🙂 looks likes theres hope…