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The paperless office was a phrase that got the attention of any business that demanded that you generate reams of paperwork in the form of audit forms, check sheets, product requisitions, timesheets, staff appraisals, Etc, etc, etc. 

The paperless office that was promised when desktop computers and the Internet started to evolve within the workplace is now gathering momentum as companies recognise how mobile apps can make this a viable reality. 

Having dealt with evolving technologies over the last 20 years at createanet, we’ve seen the evolution from very basic websites to more interactive Internet-based platforms through to mobile applications.

The problem was most of those always ended up in some form of cul-de-sac where the only output that was viable to produce for something as simple as filling out a simple delivery slip or safety waiver always ended up being printed, this then takes you back to square one with the inevitable mountain of paperwork that is completely impractical to aggregate or audit efficiently.

Over the last 18 months we’ve seen a really interesting evolution in business customers requirements and the recognition that most of there staff/customers have a mobile device, so the ability to create a simple app that gathers that information and stores it digitally in real time which eliminates all of the problems associated with traditional paperwork methods.

We’ve had the pleasure of building what have become really useful applications (apps) for all sorts of companies recently, including safety audit forms that contractors needed to fill out an acknowledgement prior to working on building sites, audits for health and safety, even a simple system that allows on-site contractors to request materials to be dispatched to their workplace. 

All of these have been built into a simple user interface that any one of there staff or customers can download directly to there phones. The bonus is the information that is gathered is neatly collated in an online database where it can be viewed and even printed !!!, but there really is no need to press that print button.

The added bonus to this method of data collection and processing is its all done securely via encrypted channels and certainly ticks a number of the GDPR tick boxes. 

As a result of this demand for this type of app, we have invested heavily in systems to enable us to create all types of information gathering app solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

So if you’re drowning under mountains of paper generated by endless form filling in and information gathering, feel free to drop us an email and see how these types of systems could add value to your day to day workflow.