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As we enter our 18th year of trading and our 7th year of specialising in mobile app development (ios and android) its interesting to reflect how the industry has changed, especially with the advance of mobile devices.

When createanet first evolved as a web design company in typical dot com style, from a spare room in my house, a lot of our business was inspired by the high profile websites of that time sparking the creative juices of our clients. I think we made at least 3 versions of the very famous “friends reunited”  we built, holiday makers reunited, golfers reunited, work mates reunited, to name just a few 🙂

But what really excited me was how the internet could benefit businesses. In the early days this was a tough sale, i remember talking to a very successful owner of a local hotel group and making the prediction that every business will need a website, his response was that his clients will never use the internet ( bear in mind this was 1999).

We still have the pleasure of dealing with this client to this day and at every meeting i remind him of that prediction, with the knowledge that his websites have now been responsible for 100s of thousands  of pounds worth of business over the years, i think my sense of humour is starting to wear thin on him now 🙂

17 years later we all know that a website is now an essential part of any business.

Told you so lol 🙂

I made a similar prediction and few years ago with regards to mobile apps and its interesting to see over the last 12 months a large percentage of our new business enquires are from businesses who are looking to use mobile technology to provide an extra level of customer service, create a direct communication with their customers and of course promote their services via the power of the push notification.

We even had a enquiry from a company that want to control their hot tubs via an iPhone, great idea, but I’m not sure iPhones and large quantities of water mix very well. 🙂

We are just in the final stage of an app for team of solicitors, where their clients will be able to track their cases, sign documents, follow news items and chat via a secure instant message system with their solicitor. I think this is a great example of using a mobile device to enhance the level of customer service they provide.

In a world where we get our news, follow our friends, track our parcels, grab a bargain on eBay, all from our phone, it makes complete sense that your business has its place via a very colourful icon on your customers phone.

Think of it as a business card that can tap your customers on the shoulder and remind them you are there when they need you, and it makes complete sense, that every business needs an app.

To be fair i have yet to hear those immortal words, My Customers will never use a mobile phone!, but you never know what tomorrow will bring 🙂