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After 21 years in the industry, I would expect a mixed response to that question, and I would be the 1st to admit the even our own clients despite everyone’s best efforts might have a mixed response to the question.

So where does it go wrong?

In our experience, it can be summed up in a simple word “assumptions”. And as the saying goes assumption is the mother of all F…. Ups. 

If you and your tech company go into a project with different assumptions then it’s inevitably going to turn out bad. 

Bearing in mind that most projects start with what essentially an idea and maybe a word document, its inevitable there could a level of ambiguity and if either party make the wrong assumption then that’s when problems can occur.

So how can this be avoided, well over the next few weeks I’m planning on sharing the experience that we have gained during the last 21 years, over a 1000 websites and in excess of 500 apps. 

Which hopefully will give you a better insight into how it all works and some of the pitfalls that you can find yourself falling into. 

But in the short-term, if you have a project you’re interested in looking at we are offering a free 30 minute consultation period where we will give you an honest unbiased opinion on your project, some options in the way that the system could be built and the various profit centres and business opportunities that it might have that you previously might have not thought of.

Click here to book your free 30-minute software consultation

Look out for the next article titled

 Truth, Myths and the  in-betweens